Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mobile Micro Video Projectors

Many consumer video devices are becoming more mobile. Mobile product manufacturers have a display challenge. They need to create small mobile devices that have displays that are large enough to provide an adequate viewing experience for the user. A key solution to this challenge is to embed a projector into the mobile device. When the device includes projection capability, the user can choose to use a small display for basic information (such as dialed telephone numbers) and large projection display for information rich media.
Traditional projectors use high-energy light sources which would rapidly deplete the batteries in portable devices. A new type of laser projector that does not need a light source is emerging and they are getting embedded within multimedia mobile telephones. These devices can project movies for hours without depleting the battery. If you want to read more of how this works, you can read my “Ultra Small Projection Devices” article at:


You can also see a video demo of a micro projector:

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