Sunday, December 27, 2009

Using Optical Distribution in IPTV Networks

An optical distribution network is a system of optical transmission lines and signal routing equipment that connects media sources to television viewing devices. An IPTV optical distribution system may contain several types of distribution systems, including a simulcast core network, switched access network, and premises distribution system.

IPTV systems may use a mix of simulcast and switched optical distribution methods to distribute content. Cable TV systems commonly use a simulcast ring system to transport all the broadcast channels around the network. This allows many people watch TV at the same time. Switched video systems allow each viewer to connect to a media source. These media sources may be at the headend of the TV system or they may be at a media server or gateway that is located anywhere in the distribution network.

You can read more about how optical systems can be used in IPTV system in the article:

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