Thursday, January 7, 2010

3D Television Displays without Glasses

A three dimensional display is a device that converts (renders) media or data into a format that can be viewed by a person where they can perceive height, width and depth of images. 3D television displays can use tiny multiple lens technology to create multiple image beams (left and right) that allows a person to see depth without the need for glasses.

This image shows how a display can provide depth perception using multiple lenses that provide different left and right images in different viewing areas. Each of the viewpoints in this display represents different pixels located behind the tiny lenticular lenses. As the viewer moves to different points, they can see different display pairs. This allows the viewer to have a different image with depth perception at multiple locations in front of the display without the need for eyewear accessories.

For more information about 3D Displays without glasses, read our article in IPTV Magazine.

IPTV Magazine Article on 3D TV Displays without Glasses

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