Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Get TV Viewers to Want to See Ads - Using Viewer Ad Profiling and Direct Incentives

How can TV broadcasters motivate their viewers to want to view ads and get them to provide their preferred interests? The answer is by directly providing viewers with incentives (such as airline frequent flyer miles) for viewing and providing profile information.

A company that successfully demonstrates this is www.E-Miles.com. This company rewards viewers for watching ads with airline miles. The viewer must first enter profile information (for which they receive airline miles). They are then presented with advertising offers which contain a summary of the merchant and the products or services they offer.

The amount of miles a viewer typically receives is approximately 5 airline miles per ad view. To get the airline miles, the viewer may have to answer several questions (typically 3 to 4) that are related to their personal interest and future purchase intentions.

This process allows e-miles to gather details about the key interests and purchase intentions of the viewer. This may include when they are planning to buy a new home, if they are considering the refinancing of their home, and what cars they are considering to purchase. What is so amazing about this process is that the viewer actually wants to see some of the ads because they directly relate to their interests.

If TV broadcasters can follow this lead, viewers will likely want to watch some advertising.

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