Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simple Interactive TV Advertising System

Adding interactive advertising to existing broadcasting systems can be very complicated and expensive. During my interview with Corey Kronengold at the OTTCon trade show, he explained that Innovid has developed a relatively simple system that allows for the addition of interactive advertising that does not require the changing of the original media or their delivery system. The Innovid advertising server is located between the media server and the viewer’s media player. It modifies the Flash media session from the Media server by adding interactive advertising components and monitors the viewer’s interactions with the media. This may include selecting objects with a mouse in specific locations on the media display. The ad server can then perform actions such as pausing the video and opening a new window to display a media program. If it is desirable that the video should continue to play (such as from a live sports event), the screen can be squeezed back so advertising messages to appear along the side of the original video.

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