Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Automated Subtitling and Captioning Workflows for Broadcasters

Broadcasters must find a way to simplify subtitling and captioning workflows for global distribution of multi-lingual channels. Subtitles and captions are not only essential to reaching multi-lingual audiences, but must meet country regulations. To do this, content providers must find cost effective solutions with multi-format support. During IBC, Chantal Kellaway from Softel explained to me that algorithms can be used to determine the optimum point in the workflow at which to bind subtitles and other ancillary data to content. Subtitles and captions can be ingested or bound at different times during content broadcasting, including early binding (ahead of transmission), late binding (closer to air time), or live binding (during time-of-air). Additionally, all of this is can be completely automated with little or no user direction.

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