Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creating Themed Channel Portals with Video Mosaic

The need for real time customization is here. TV networks are looking for solutions that allow them to design and manage their interactive programs, but also offer advanced functionality. At IBC, Jean Christophe Jubin of httv said that a video mosaic solution offers the ability to launch iTV services across all Digital TV platforms. PrimeMosaic, an IP based solution, tiles several channels with a single video stream, as well as providing a fully customizable system that reduces costs and offers full flexibility. A video mosaic is constructed with up to 20 videos per page from channels that have already been encoded. With added flexibility, possible applications of a video mosaic solution include news, kids, or sports themed channel portals. A news portal, for an example, can display all of the news channels available to the subscriber as well as real time information such as weather and stock prices. These portals can be managed a variety of ways, including subscription portal packages or by region.

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