Thursday, September 23, 2010

Increasing User Satisfaction with Remote Touch Technology

Users are looking for remotes that allow them to directly point and click on the content on their televisions. Since traditional remotes can be confusing, especially those with a large number of buttons, manufacturers need to come up with a solution that increases a customer’s ability to interact with their television content. At IBC, Navin Natoewal from UWand, explained to me that through remote touch technology, users can still use remotes for their primary purpose, but feel more connected with their programming through the ability to easily navigate content. Remote touch technology allows a user to resize photos, surf the web and other multimedia content, as well as search for content with additions such as QWERTY keypads on the reverse side of the remote. By transforming the capabilities of a standard remote, direct pointing and 3D gesture controls can increase subscriber revenues and user satisfaction.

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