Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Better TV Remote – Just Use Your Hands

One of the best remotes for controlling television is your hands. At the IBC trade show, Iris Finkelstein-Sagi from PrimeSense explained and demonstrated to me how hand motion sensing is possibly the best type of remote control. To activate the remote control, a user simply performs a rapid push motion with their hand to wake up the TV remote control motion sensor. Once started, the motion focuses in on the hand that initiated the session so it only responds to movements from that hand. If someone walks on front of it or moves their hand, these movements are ignored. Once the user has got the attention of the TV sensor, simple hand motions control the TV. Move the hand left and down channel. Move the hand right, up channel. Move the hand up, volume up. Move the hand down, volume down. To zoom into other feature, the hand is moved in a circular motion (like pinching an iPhone screen to zoom in). Perhaps the best thing about this system is you can’t loose your TV remote.

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