Friday, October 29, 2010

Companywide Video Distribution Solutions - TV Distribution in the Enterprise

Corporate video streaming may consume a significant amount of available network bandwidth, need to be bridged across multiple networks, and may need to security to protect from hackers and the potentially dangerous media. Andy Howard from VBrick explained to me at the IBC trade show that enterprise video distribution can have significant complexity challenges. Companies use companywide video distribution for executive communication, crisis management, training, customer support, and many other multiple viewer communication needs.

The demand for streaming connections can be dynamic and ranging from a few too many thousands of simultaneous viewers. Some of the streams may require rich media interactive capabilities (such as web seminars). Video streaming connections may be provided to a mixture of device types that have varying media format and display capabilities and the video distribution system must be able to adapt to these types of devices. Video distribution may need to be protected from unwanted viewers. The setup of video distribution may need to be almost instant when crisis conditions occur. Connections over multiple networks, some have controlled QoS and other (such as the Internet) have varying network connection speeds and packet loss rates.

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