Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Content Packaging – Formatting and Combining Video, Audio, and Metadata for Multiple Distribution Channels

Content owners and distributors now have many new types of distribution channels (cable, mobile TV, Internet) and the media variations (languages), formats (encoding) and content packages (files or streams) can be many. Mike Smallwood from Beam explained to me at the IBC trade show that content owners and operators need an organized and efficient way to distribute content that can be adapted to different types of distribution channels. Media files may need to be adapted (transcoded) into other formats such as NTSC, PAL, iPod, mobile, and other formats for distribution. The content may need to be packaged with different components such as language variations. The distributors of content need to understand how they can store, change (brand compliance), and provide adapted content (content collaboration). Content distributors (broadcasters) need to schedule when they are to receive the content because their media storage capacity is limited.

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