Friday, October 8, 2010

Important Downloadable Conditional Access System – DCAS Capabilities

If you are using or upgrading to use a broadcasting system to use downloadable conditional access system (DCAS) in your TV broadcast system, you should understand that not all DCAS are the same. During my interview with Steve Christian from Verimatrix at the IBC trade show, he explained to me that while downloadable CAS (DCAS) systems can provide more protection than one-way CAS systems, there are some key features and services that make DCAS very valuable.

Some important features include user specific watermarking which allows for tracing of any breaches in content security (forensic watermarking). The DCAS system should work with multiple vendors such as middleware, client software, and device hardware manufactures and the many versions of products that each of them produces. The DCAS security system should be independently audited to ensure it actually provides the security levels that are demanded by the content owners. Another desirable feature is and alert system that provides early warning for attempted security breaches such as detecting unauthorized device and software clones.

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