Friday, October 1, 2010

Solving Information Overload with Dynamic Personalization

With the overwhelming amount of multimedia content on the Internet, broadcasters have been struggling to find new ways to satisfy the needs of their viewers by delivering content that is relevant to their needs. It is impossible to review all of the available content, making it harder to search for and discover new programs. At IBC, Hakan Soncu from MyMedia explained that dynamic personalization systems are capable of building an understanding of user preferences and interests to recommend content relevant to his or her preferences. MyMedia has created a field trial with BT, for an example, that uses a recommendation system based upon purchasing behaviors and suggests new content through a “Try This” interface. Other field trials, including BBC, Microsoft and Microgenesis tested different cultures and languages to test consumer reactions. Dynamic personalization gives users access to new sources of content as well as making preferences sharable in social networks.

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