Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TV System Interoperability – Selecting the Right Mix of Equipment

Selecting the right equipment and software for TV system interoperability is critical for TV broadcasters that are adding new features and services to their systems. Jonathan Rind from Viking Media Group explained to me at the IBC trade show that TV broadcast system owners use system integrators to help them choose and setup new systems and services. Unfortunately, these new systems and services (such as Internet TV, mobile video, and television commerce) are becoming more complex and it is getting harder to select and install systems that reliably work together. No single company (including system integrators) has the necessary skills and expertise for all of these systems. What is needed is a team of companies that work together have the right mix of skills and experience instead of a single systems integrator. Selecting the right mix of integration companies that work together can be the key between a reliable working system and unusable equipment and services.

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