Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Using Test Clip Sets to Fully Compare and Optimize Encoders

To evaluate video encoders, test set clips can be used by providing a wide range of subjects such as fast movement and different camera angles. At IBC, Thomas Dove from TestVid mentioned that test clips are used to stress video encoders with features it is likely to encounter with a variety of subjects ranging from people to traffic. A variety of video clip features and subjects are used, such as moving types(ex: panning, fast and slow movements)as well as lighting conditions (ex: bright sunlight, night time,shaded areas) to determine how to fully optimize the encoder. Other test clips show varying camera properties such as depth of field, as well as hard to encode items including fine lines and round objects. Using test clips can help determine how an encoder handles intricate video or compare different encoders to determine the need for an upgrade.

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