Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Time Video Production – Instant Content Management

Real time video production is critical for certain types of broadcasters such as sports channels. During the IBC trade show, Sebastion Verlane from EVS explained that there are some key differences in real time editing systems and these systems should have instant content management capabilities. Some of the new helpful production capabilities of instant live editing include slow motion, super motion, instant replay, highlight editing, and other advanced live editing functions. Real time video production can be integrated with instant content management which allows broadcasters to immediately identify, story, and manage content as it is created during a live broadcasting environment. Some of the key instant content management needs include live production logging, tagging and descriptions, browsing recent edits, archiving to a near line storage system, grouping (clustering) content, video transfer, repurposing, transcoding for additional distribution formats, and file conversions.

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