Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Identify and Support New IP Video Services – Get Expert Advice

Which IP video services should a TV service provider offer and what happens when they don’t work as planned? Ric Brovedani from Alcatel-Lucent explained to me at TelcoTV that creating TV systems that are both valuable and reliable requires a mixture of systems and skills.

The communications market now has very aggressive competition. Companies need to deploy and upgrade systems more rapidly. There are many new risks and regulations along with a complex set of network options. Bad decisions can result in consequences of wasted investment, reductions in cash flow, and layoffs. Companies that are missing the necessary skills to analyze, forecast, plan, and implement solutions may fall into this trap.

A key option for managers is to bring in expert consulting services that understand the communication industry. A relatively small investment in consulting services that understand the industry and systems can identify high value services while reducing the cost of deployment. These skills can include business analysis, network design, systems integration, operating support system, billing system interfaces, and multi-screen services.

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