Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Setup, Configure, and Manage the Digital Home using the TR 69 Industry Standard Remote Management Specification

It is becoming more important for TV and access providers to be able to see and control devices in the home. Laurie Gonzalez from the Broadband Forum explained to me that the number of devices and services within a home are dramatically increasing. These devices consume bandwidth, interact with each other, and can dramatically affect the quality of services (such as streaming media) and ability of access providers to deliver services. A key solution to this challenge is to use an industry standard that allows access providers to identify, configure, and control devices within the home. There are many new types of devices being released with new requirements (such as streaming media). To help solve this challenge, the Broadband Forum is working with companies to continue to evolve the TR 69 industry standard that defines how to communicate with and manage devices within the home.

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