Friday, December 3, 2010

IPTV for Student Villages – New Television Requirements for Campus Television Systems

Campus TV systems are changing into hybrid media systems that provide a mix of new services to multiple types of devices. Paal Huff from Snap TV explained to me at the IBC show that campus TV systems are rapidly changing from simple analog TV to more complex digital multimedia systems. Students and faculty are demanding new services and using many new types of devices.

Campus TV system operators need an integrated subscriber management system. The system should be able to manage all the new types of assets (content and services) and provide the ability for users to purchase products and services. The Asset management system is used to define products and services, manage product groups, setup pricing, and control campaigns. The customer interface system should provide portals (TV or web) where the end user can purchase products and subscribe to services. It is helpful if the system can maintain a history of services, product purchases, and associate devices to service plans that are supplied directly by the user. There are many new types of connected devices being used by students such as gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, connected TVs, Blu-ray players and these devices have different needs an capabilities and the campus TV and data networks should be able to detect and adapt to these types of devices.

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