Friday, January 21, 2011

The Need for More Advanced Television Content Identification Systems

Choosing the right television content identification and metadata systems can be critical to the ability for uses to navigate more content and for content owners and distributors to monetize content better. Alexander Iliev from Gracenote explained to me at the CES 2011 trade show that content identification systems can vary in their quality of content, ability to integrate with other systems, and have the ability to generate new types of revenue streams (monetization).

Having access to a large database of films and television programs is important. It is also important that this metadata is gathered (aggregated) from reliable sources of descriptive program information (quality metadata). The metadata should be able to be used for video management on multiple platforms including television, PC, mobile, media players, connected TVs, and others which can be located in different locations such as the home, car, or at other places. Viewers should be able to easily search, identify, and manage content.

Another key capability of metadata systems is to enable media monitoring. Using metadata and other information (such as fingerprints), management systems should be able to identify copyrighted content to ensure it has been monetized by its usage rules.

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