Monday, January 24, 2011

Smart Switching for Home Networks – Selecting and Combining the Best Connection Types

The amount of data that is being transferred throughout homes is dramatically increasing and home networks need to better manage connections to ensure users have a quality and reliable experiences. Juan Carlos Rivero from Broadcom explained to me during the CES trade show that there are multiple connection types available in the home; power, phone line, coax, and others. Home network systems should be able to identify and manage connection options and automatically transfer and combine connections so users have the best experiences. Having systems that can monitor and automatically transfer connections to the best possible transmission path means more reliable service, more coverage area in the home, and less challenges for the TV broadcaster.

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  1. Absolutely. And this can best be done on the existing network of coax cable, with MoCA technology, serving ethernet, cable and wifi needs, all with a single in-wall port from Wi3