Monday, February 7, 2011

Developing Embedded Android TV Set Top Box Products and Services

Developing Android software that is capable of processing TV services can have some key challenges. Chris Moon from Innodigital explained that there is more to creating Android television solutions that getting a single device to display a television program. Some of the key objectives for companies developing TV based android devices include having an interesting and easy to use GUI, feature application programs (widgets), creating a system that is scalable for many customers, porting android applications to different types of hardware, and getting android applications to work on multiple types of systems (platform independent). To do this, it is helpful to have tools that can create advanced graphic user interfaces and widgets. It is also helpful to have experience in creating a porting layer that allows Android applications to run on different type of hardware and interface to systems. The availability of these tools and experience in porting Android applications can be very important when selecting an Andorid integration company.

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