Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enabling Viewers to Watch Movies on Multiple Types of Devices – Four Screen Viewing!

Distributing movie content to multiple types of devices involves more than converting media files. Jerónimo Macanás Candilejo from Microgenesis Media (mgMedia) demonstrated to me how consumers can start watching media on one type of device (such as a television) and then continue to watch the movie on another type of device (such as a tablet computer). He explained that the consumer’s may watch content on four types of devices (screens); television, computer, mobile, or media player (such as a tablet). Multiple screen distribution systems must do more than convert (transcode) media formats. The distribution systems must simplify how the viewer interacts with their devices and how it can connect to media program sources. Consumers want instant viewing (no waiting), to use existing connections (no wires to connect), and automatically accesses content (no stored media disks or sticks).

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