Thursday, February 17, 2011

Smart Internet TV and Home Network Devices have Personal Cloud Capability

There is a new way to simply connect many devices, many people, and organize many files that are attached to a home or business network. Todd Schuelke from Iomega explained to me at the CES show that people can now create personal clouds that can be used to share and provide services to other people that they invite join their cloud. Users that are part of a personal cloud can be devices connected within your home network or can they be connected via the Internet (remote access). This allows the sharing of media and resources with friends, family, or associates regardless of where they are located. Personal cloud capability has been included into the iomega dervices such as the Boxee Internet TV set top box. Some of the key features of a personal cloud include:

Synchronization – A personal cloud can be used to automatically synchronize and distribute files or media. This allows you to find and access files regardless of where they are stored or located.
Collaboration – Allows people who are connected to the cloud to create and share files.
Controlled Access – Controls access to devices and media to only people who have been invited and accepted to join the personal cloud.
Secure Distribution – Protects data and media that is transferred between devices in the personal cloud by using AES 128 bit encryption.
Automatic Backup – The personal cloud can be setup to allow for automatic recovery of data that is stored on different devices.
Archiving – The personal cloud can be used to identify, gathering, and store older files for long term storage.

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