Friday, February 11, 2011

Smart Internet TV - Combining Broadcast TV and Local Internet TV into One Program Guide

Google TV is not the only system that can combine broadcast TV with Internet TV. Isaac Calderan from IGuGu showed me at the CES how consumers can convert a personal computer into a very smart Internet TV system. He explained that consumers want simple access to all video regardless if it is from a broadcast system (cable TV or satellite TV), Internet TV (NetFlix, YouTube), and other sources. Viewers are also very interested in local video content that may be related to their interests. The IGuGu system identifies local video content sources by using the location of the IP address that the computer is using to connect to the Internet. This allows the TV viewing guide to contain a mixture of popular TV content and local videos programs.
The IGuGu system uses a multimedia computer instead of a television set top box. The user receives a TV remote that contains a full alpha-numeric keys and a mouse to control their viewing experience along with the needed software. Isaac explained that most personal computers have much more processing capability that a television set top box. With a few simple additions to the computer, the computer can become a high performance TV set top box.

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