Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing Smart Phone TV Soft Remote - Allows a Viewer to Search, Select, and Control Media from Multiple Sources and Link to Multiple Types of Viewing

Consumers need a better way to find, organize, and select a mixture of live and stored media programs to watch. RavivMoore from Eyecon Technologies explained to me at the TelcoTV show that consumers have a mixture of media source options, network options, and viewing options. Their TV control device should be able to help them find and choose their source based on various criteria such as cost or quality. For example, the viewer may choose to watch a movie that is free because it is part of their TV broadcast subscription program or paid content. The Eyecom system allows a user to search multiple sources (e.g. NetFlix, Youtube, home media), select (specific program), and play media on multiple types of devices (such as TVs, media players, mobile video devices). The Eyecom system leverages DLNA to coordinate the access rights. The Eyecon system is integrated with Rovi to allow the user to search through program descriptive information (e.g. program metadata).

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