Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Better Personal Video Recorder – PVR with Smart Recording Features

Having the ability to provide media time shifting and portability is becoming a critical requirement for broadcasters. Steve Francis from Avtrex explained to me at the CES show that consumers expect better organized and more access to their media sources – live or stored. To provide these advanced features, Avtrex has developed the modular software architecture personal video recorder (PRV). The system can provide users with the ability to more easily identify, display, and sorting live and stored content. The Bonus time™ feature analyzes the selected program to see if additional time should be recorded around the scheduled program record times (such as a sports game that goes into overtime). The PRV architecture enables smart home media distribution by using an intelligent central resource that can manage and coordinate the transfer between multiple devices (including devices with tuners) via multiple connection types (wired or wireless).

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