Friday, April 29, 2011

Multiple Service Access Network Core Can Handle the Mix of Low Latency and High Bandwidth Services

Access provider networks are experiencing dramatic new demands from mixed services. Brian Caskey from Zhone explained to me during the TelcoTV show that access provider core networks are becoming stressed with the increased use of multiple types of services. In some cases, the core networks used by access providers cannot be expanded to provide the new high bandwidth services such as IPTV (managed) and Internet Video (unmanaged). To help access providers expand their systems, a multi-service core can be used. Multi-service solutions allow access networks to provide a mix of services using a single system. This can provide a significant reduction in CAPEX and OPEX costs while enabling the operator to provide new revenue producing services. Key features for multi-service systems should include the ability to support a mixture of access types (copper, fiber), high concentration density, and switching capability.

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