Friday, April 1, 2011

Smart Video Caching Reduces Access Network Bandwidth Consumption for Over the Top Internet TV

Over the top video services are consuming a substantial amount of access network capacity resources. Gary Southwell from BTI Systems explained to me at the TelcoTV show that a key way to reduce the over the top OTT bandwidth consumption is to use smart video caching services. BTI created the WideCast networking solution that combines wide area networking services with a smart media caching system. The system automatically identifies (self learns) which content should be cached. The types of cached content can include Netflix, YouTube videos, software updates, streaming sites, and gaming data files. The system is designed to manage sessions between consumers and content so the content is protected (cannot be highjacked). The system is scalable allowing for initial deployment in hot spot areas and additional devices can be deployed in other locations as the need increases. Because the devices self-learn, no manual configuration or updating is required.

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