Monday, May 9, 2011

Adding Broadband OTT Internet TV Services to Existing TV Broadcast Systems

TV broadcasters need to expand their systems to offer OTT Internet TV to reach new customers and keep existing customers from leaving. Doug Wills from Minerva Networks explained to me during the OTTCon show that the market pressure from new over the top companies such as NetFlix and Amazon Instant Video is accelerating the need for existing broadcasters to add Internet TV services. By adding OTT capability to their TV broadcast systems, the operator can increase the average revenue per user and reduce churn.
In addition to the new OTT providers providing pay per view services, their systems are being used by many types of devices. This means that the traditional TV broadcaster need to upgrade their systems to provide Internet TV services needs to reach many types of devices. The Minerva xTVFusion platform is an integrated solution that includes streaming servers, client software, and back office systems. It integrates content management, third party applications, OSS/BSS systems, conditional access, VOD servers, and OTT media streaming servers. Doug explained that some of the key interfaces that are essential to an Internet TV system include an administration management service, channel management service, asset management service, device management service, entitlement management service, messaging service, and reporting services.

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