Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazing Touchscreen Display Sensory Feedback System – Feels Like the Real Thing!

Getting usable physical feedback from touch screen displays (haptics) can be the difference between a successful application and a market failure. Dennis Sheehan from Immersion demonstrated to me during the CES show a guitar application on a Smartphone that actually felt like plucking guitar strings. He discussed that there is more to creating applications that provide physical senses that simply turning a vibrating motor (actuator) on and off. Immersion developed the TouchSense® Tactile Feedback System that enables application development companies to precisely control an actuator to play haptic effects. Immersion provides smart engineering tool kits with include application program interfaces - APIs and other tools for inserting function calls to play haptic effects into software applications. The kit includes a pre-packaged haptic touch monitor with sample applications that allow you to experience haptic effects and test your own application. Immersion also provides a haptic performance evaluation kit that allows designers and test technicians to develop and measure the haptic response of their applications and systems.

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