Monday, May 2, 2011

The Future of Television: Research that Predicts what TV Will Become

Would you like to know how televisions will change over the next few years? During my interview with Scott Puopolo from Cisco at the OTTCon show, he shared with me some of Cisco’s extensive research with manufacturers, content producers, service broadcasters and academic experts. Some of their predictions may surprise you.

The research and analysis shows that the three main influences to these events happening include technology, consumer behavior and business models. Some of the key supporting technologies include displays (digital paper and projection devices), ultra-high bandwidth connections and new types of human interfaces (sensory devices). How consumers will discover and consume media have started to change. People are using social networks (Digg) and on demand content (YouTube), and participating in the creation of TV programs. Media business models are evolving from providing a limited number of linear based channels to aggregating many content sources (NetFlix), recommending relevant programs, and adapting media for specific viewers (personalized ads on Facebook). Using this information, the IBSG has identified 10 Predictions for the future of TV.

1. TV Channels Go Away
2. No Remote Control Required
3. Viewing Screens Anywhere
4. Personalized Ads
5. Immersive Content
6. Virtual Group Viewing
7. Five Senses Television (Is it Real or is it TV)?
8. Follow-Me Television (TV Roaming)
9. Anyone can Produce TV
10. Viral TV Production

To read the article that explains the predictions, go to:

IPTV Magazine Article: The Future of Television by Scott Puopolo.

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