Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Monitor and Analyze IPTV and Internet TV Customer Viewing Quality – Smarter Testing

IPTV and Internet TV operators need to monitor and control the quality of service – QoS within their systems. Piram Manickam from First Media xPertis explained to me at the OTTCon show that IPTV and Internet TV broadcasters need to monitor and control the overall quality of experience – QoE for multiple types of displays on many types of devices including mobile phones and tablets. To do this, xPertis develop the First Media system which uses a subscriber viewing experience - SVE model. The First Media system converts device performance, usage statistics, and network parameters into an easy to understand mean opinion score - MOS. This information is available from a web portal that can gather and correlate the data from access probes located at key points within the network. This allows the broadcaster to easily identify, measure, and understand the key issues that may be emerging in their networks.

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