Friday, May 6, 2011

Integrating TV News Production Systems – Succeeding in Competitive Television News Marketplace

TV news broadcasters are being forced by a highly competitive marketplace to rapidly evolve their content management systems for streamlined video production. Jesse Jon Francis from Kit Digital explained to me at the OTTCon show that Broadcasters and Network Operator's real challenge is finding ways to extended their traditional Broadcast systems and content to the Web and Connected Devices. As the industry shifts this way, this challenge is being alleviated by cloud-based Video Asset Management Solutions (VAM) to help deliver the premium content to their audiences in the most efficient manor while increasing interactivity and creating more in depth video experiences.
TV news broadcasters are facing a critical production challenge of gathering, and identifying many new sources of content and producing them quickly for broadcast. They need to integrate ingest controllers, a newsroom, craft editing workstations, media management, and playout systems. TV broadcasters now accept content from multiple sources including traditional news gathering sources (field reporters) as well as mobile telephones, wire feeds, and the Internet. To process the media, TV news systems need to have user friendly interfaces which allow voiceovers and allow for the use of computer generated graphic – CG templates. In addition to have an integrated electronic news gathering - ENG system, it is important to have support services including training, supervision, and maintenance that ensures production staff can cost effectively produce quality news content even in highly active news periods.

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