Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Open Internet TV Application Development Platform

Application developers are facing a key challenge when developing TV applications. Dan Kelly from Boxee D-Link explained that TV STBs and connected TVs have multiple platforms. This means that developers currently have to adapt their applications for multiple systems. This can take time, have high cost, and can result in some incompatibilities. Dan discussed that an open TV application development program will solve these challenges.
The TV application system offered by Boxee D-Link allows for apps to be locally hosted or web based. They already provide access to a content library that combine sources of existing content library (TV Shows and Movie library) with other user generated and stored content. To support developers, D-Link has setup and assists with forums and Wiki based application development support systems. A large application library contains a mix of very popular rich media content applications including video, must, and video services. A key to development success is the availability of detailed application and API documentation. APIs documentation support includes Python, Browser/Javascript, GUI/XML, RSS, and Remote Control Interface. If you are involved in TV application development, it is worth looking at the D-Link TV application development platform.

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