Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Self-Serve Television Advertising – Advertisers Create and Upload their Own TV Commercials

Advertisers have been blocked from doing highly targeted television advertising until now. Dennis Nugent from STB Advertising explained to me at the OTTCon show that advertisers can now get some of the same control, benefits, and measurements from TV advertising as their Internet Marketing programs. Traditional broadcasters and media agencies have been slow to adopt new improved TV advertising technologies and services. To solve this, STB Advertising has created a TV advertising platform that allows advertisers to directly setup and control their own advertising campaigns (self-service television advertising). The STB advertising platform (Ad Zones) allows companies to place pre-roll video ads that are targeted to specific ad zones which can be based advertise on geography, languages, and content genres. Because viewers must watch the pre-roll ads before viewing programs, this provides advertisers with a much higher return on their advertising spend (ROAS). Some of the key features of the ad zone store include:

- Advanced ad targeted
- Ad shopping cart
- Advanced and automated reports
- CPM, CPC, and Pay-Per-Day campaign options
- Action based pricing
- Multiple currencies
- Multiple languages

Advertisers can also create new commercials using a gallery of production quality customizable TV commercials (typically 5 to 30 seconds). The ad creation system has advanced logo and text handing features.

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