Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Automating and Speeding Up Video Content Quality Verification

TV broadcasters are adding more content from new sources which increase the need for video quality verification. Fereidoon Khosravi from Venera Technologies explained to me at the NAB trade show that the amount of time and labor required for content verification needs to decrease. Manual quality control (QC) can take excessive amount of labor which can have unreliable results and slow down the ability to produce and release content (slowing workflow). The solution is to automate quality verification when possible using a content verification software tool. The tool needs to be simple to use and must integrate into existing content workflow systems. It should automatically detect codec specifications, media format restrictions, video parameters including aspect ratio, color space & depth, frame size & rate, GOP structure, and other criteria. Video quality checks should include blockiness, black frames, clipping, brightness, freeze frames, and others. Audio quality checks should include silence, loudness, tones, audio drop, peaks, and others.

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  1. Quality control, automated, saves up a lot of time for inspectors and buys them sufficient time to improve or alter their A/V quality when they needs to.

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