Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Connecting TVs in the Home without Coax – Self Installing Home Media Networks on Electric Power Lines

TV broadcasters and television viewers both need the same thing, a simple way to connect additional televisions in the home. Rob Ranck from HomePlug explained to me at the IPTV World show that there is a growing need for high-speed home networks that can provide both data and reliable media services and to be self installed. The HomePlug powerline networking system has continued to evolve to provide increased data transmission speeds (up to 400 Mbps), support for mixed media services (data and television), with high levels of security. One of the key features of the HomePlug system is its ability for end users to self-install (plug and connect).
The increased data transmission rates are made possible by using all of the conductors (both power lines and the ground wire). Transmission of multiple types of media (data, digital audio, and digital video) can be automatically sensed, prioritized, and distributed. To increase the security level, a security password can be set on all the units and plug them in.
HomePlug devices come ready to use. The consumer simply plugs in the HomePlug devices into outlets and connects the data line. Devices can be setup to work as a group (several within a home or apartment) by pressing a pairing button on the devices within a short period of time. HomePlug technology is already built into a wide variety of consumer electronics – CE products which allows the consumer to simply plug in the device (such as a television display) and it is ready to use!

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