Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Key Features for White Label OTT Platforms – Hosted Internet TV

Companies now have the option to rapidly setup TV broadcasting services using a ready to use and brand white label Internet TV system. Stephan Crainic from IP Vision explained to me at the IPTV World show that there are key features and support services that are important to ready to use Internet TV broadcasting systems.
A key element is the capability of the system to add branding logos and features which is the way customers can differentiate service providers. Registration should allows customers (self-service) or call center agents to add users to the system (register). The registration process should be secure as it requires the entry of payment details. It should also associate a TV viewing device with the users account.
The subscriber management system should allow the operator to view the account details, payment history, browse content delivery, and organize information. A payment gateway should be able to integrate to existing system. It should include pay as you go payment methods and include advertising funded payments.
Subscription services should support multiple subscription models including packages for short and long term periods. The subscription services should be flexible and adaptable. An advertising management module should be able to identify and manage supporting content. It should provide access to audited data for viewing on both static and dynamic advertising content. An important feature is the ability to disable trick-play during adverts so the viewer cannot fast forward or skip commercials.
Support services should include management tools that have first line and second line support. Remote diagnostics and assisted installs can be critical for operators with limited technical and support staff. There should be capability to process equipment returns and access to refurbishment facilities.

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