Monday, June 27, 2011

Key Types of TV Application Categories for Television Broadcasters

TV applications types can generate revenues and increase subscriber loyalty for television broadcasters. Michael Lantz from Accedo Broadband explained to me at the IPTV World show that Accedo Broadband is continually discovering, developing, and testing many new types of TV Apps with great results. Some of the key TV apps that have been successful include certain types of games which include board, arcade, quizzes, puzzles, casino and kids. Casual games are always popular among all ages and you can use them as a revenue generator or as a loyalty tool. Social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are important for integration possibilities with other applications. Michael discussed that the Internet has many attractive and successful applications that are suitable for TV usage. Information services like Internet movie database – IMDB, Wikipedia, Photo services like Flickr, and Picasa are good examples. A killer category for TV apps is video on demand that provides broadcasters with the opportunity to provide long tail video content such as video art, karaoke, lifestyle and more. This type of content can be integrated into other applications providing new sources of revenue and to be used as a way to differentiator services. Other successful TV apps provide access to real time information such as sports, finance, weather, politics, and more. By integrating these information sources with local or international content, consumers can get information from brands they trust.

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