Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Broadcaster Service – Selling Ad Viewing Metrics to Advertisers

Gathering and providing viewing measurements for television advertising can provide advertisers with Internet like tracking and generate new revenues for television broadcasters. Paul Haddad from Concurrent explained to me that broadcasters can setup their systems to accurately measure TV viewing. Traditionally, TV broadcasters have been reluctant to provide measurement information to advertisers. This information can be critical for advertisers to understand how to adjust their advertising content and campaigns to maximize their marketing efforts. A key reason that advertising budgets have been shifting to Internet based marketing due to tracking capability. In addition to helping advertisers with their marketing campaigns, TV broadcasters can also earn additional revenues from selling tracking information.
Some of the measurements include video on demand -VOD, linear, interactive, DVR, online and wireless video consumption. TV viewing measurement enables marketing managers to optimize current advertising campaigns and identify new revenue producing opportunities while reducing operational expenses. The Concurrent advertising metrics system provides real time, census-level data on consumer video consumption. It is based on the SCTE-130 ad insertion and enhanced TV binary interchange format – eBIF industry standards. The metrics data can be screen-agnostic and viewer anonymous providing accurate video consumption measurements while maintaining the privacy of the viewers.

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