Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Statistical Caching for TV can Reduce Transmission Bandwidth by 30% to 40%

TV broadcasting network operators need to find better ways to increase their capacity. Charlie Baker from PeerApp explained to me at IPTV World that TV broadcasters need more efficient ways to use their network bandwidth as media consumption shifts from linear to on demand. A key way to get significant network bandwidth savings is to use statistical caching. Constantly upgrading network capacity can be very expensive and manually distributing content throughout a network can be complex and time consuming. A better way to increase network capacity at low cost is to automate the caching process. A smart video caching system monitors the consumption of popular content, stores popular content close to the viewers, and automatically redirects repeated media requests to the stored content. Peer App created the UltraBand system which supports caching of content in multiple formats (MPEG, FLV, WMV) and it does not require proxy servers or changes in the client devices. On average, the UltraBand system reduces network bandwidth by over 30% to 40%.

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