Tuesday, July 26, 2011

IPTV Magazine June 2011

We have released IPTV Magazine June 2011 edition.

Editor's Viewpoint - 5
Expert Writers - 6
Market Update - OTT Marketplace - 8
Industry News - 14
Internet TV Systems - Station Operation and Programming - 18
Smart Switching for Home Networks - Selecting and Combining the Best Connection Types--Broadcom-26
Smart Internet TV and Home Network Devices have Personal Cloud Capability-27
Getting More than 400 Mbps Transmission Throughput on Home Electrical Powerlines-27
Enabling DLNA Devices to Work With Non-DLNA Devices and Services-28
New Home Media Gateway Requirements for IPTV Over DSL - Allowing Carriers to Discover, Connect, and Configure Devices in the Home-28
Buyers Guide - TV Application Developers- 30


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