Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is Easier to Extend Existing Licensing Agreements for New Types of Distribution than to Get New Content Licenses

TV broadcasters are discovering that getting distribution licenses for good content that their viewers for new types of distribution channels can be a complicated and expensive process. Mihai Crasneanu from GreyJuice explained to me at the IPTV World show that to get premium content for new types of distribution channels, it is necessary for TV broadcasters to get distribution agreements with major Hollywood studios and international premium content owners.
Content owners now have access to many types of distribution channels. This means that the number and types of content licensing agreements is dramatically increasing. Is not realistic for content owners to setup and license the many new types of TV broadcasters. To simplify the process, it is possible (and often much faster, easier, and lower cost) to extend existing content distribution licensing rights to allow for new broadcasters and platforms to get content. This allows new TV broadcasters such as green OTT providers or existing TV broadcasters that are extending their systems to new distribution channels to get access to premium content.

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