Friday, July 8, 2011

A Practical Way TV Broadcasters Can Increase TV Ad Revenues by over 20 Times!

By Merging TV advertising slots with direct marketing lists, TV broadcasters should be able to achieve Internet like Ad revenue levels. Current pay per click Internet rates are approximately $1 per insertion ($1000 cpm) where some of the highest TV ad insertions commonly sell for $5 to $20 cpm. By getting (renting) highly qualified lists from high qualified sources (trade shows, industry magazines), TV broadcasters should be able to insert TV commercials into homes that have matching customers (match email and/or name). For example, if a trade show list from the NAB show is rented and executives are selected, this information could be provided to the TV broadcaster advertising system. Companies would likely be willing to pay $1 or more to insert their TV commercial into an available slot during the Superbowl for matching customers. This process is extremely adaptable and scalable. List rentals and ad insertion systems should be able to allow this.

To help you understand more about TV Advertising, we created this free tutorial:

30 Slide TV Advertising Tutorial

Link to the TV Advertising Book (248 pages, 62 illustrations):

TV Advertising Book

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