Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple and Standard HBB TV Broadcast Upgrade can Add New and Interactive Services via the Internet

TV broadcasters want to add new services and interactive capabilities to their system to better compete with new types of broadcast companies such as OTT and mobile video. Jorg Eggink from Access Company explained to me at the IPTV World show that the hybrid broadcast broadband television (HBBTV) system is an industry standard can be used by TV broadcasters enhance programming services (new content) and provide for interactive services (return channels through the Internet). HBBTV is primarily a software solution that can be used TV equipment manufacturers, middleware software developers, and TV broadcasters. Software in installed in the head end and in the receiving device (such as set top boxes). Jorg explained that there are some things to consider when selecting a HBBTV solution. Software should be designed to operate in a resource limited environment and operate reliably. It should allow the user to have a seamless entertainment experience. By using a platform independent solution, TV broadcasters can upgrade a mixture of existing system types to offer rich media services.
HBBTV systems have a collection of components that may include JavaScript™, CSS, and HTML documents. This allows them to merge broadcast media with well understood Internet content and applications. Delivery options include broadcast, switched channels, and repetitive broadcasts (carousels). The HBBTV system includes an application lifecycle management (ALM) function which coordinates the creation (transfer), operation, and termination (releasing resources) of software programs. Important considerations when choosing an HBBTV system includes validating performance (testing in multiple systems and environments), good support services to ensure quick deployment and successful integration, and the HBBTV browser should be easily integrated into other systems such as DLNA home networks.

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