Friday, August 5, 2011

Content Recognition Technology is a Key Component that Enables Better Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising offers significant financial benefits to advertisers and broadcasters if they can get it to work! After communicating with Jeff Vinson from Audible Magic, he discussed that there are several key ways to use content recognition technology to improve and simplify interactive advertising. Content recognition using perceptual fingerprinting uses fine-grained media characteristic measurements of the content that can be compared to a reference database of fingerprints. This does not require modification to any of the broadcasted content which is important as broadcasters may require that content that is sent through their networks must remain unchanged. Cloud based fingerprint content recognition places the detailed analysis on a computer server that is connected to the Internet (located in the cloud). This allows it to work with many existing devices that cannot be updated or managed. Smart hardware such as connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, digital media adapters, such as Roku, can add software content recognition capability to recognize a program or advertisement that is played on the device. Perceptual content recognition applications with limited processing requirements can be for mobile devices. Audible magic has created several of these solutions.

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