Friday, August 26, 2011

Efficient Management of TV and On Demand Content for Multiple Types of Distribution Channels

TV broadcasters need effective ways to manage and distribute their content to multiple types of distribution channels. Joe French from MassTech explained to me at the NAB trade show that broadcasters can become overwhelmed with the many new content production and distribution requirements. They need an effective and efficient (low operational cost) digital archiving and media asset management to help them compete with many new types of content broadcasters and distributors.
Broadcaster’s content management systems (CMS) need to integrate to multiple end points such as view servers and non-linear editors (NLE). They should be able to integrate with new types of media and business systems and have a framework for automated workflows. To speed up the distribution process, automatic file transformation should be able to easily convert and publish media in a wide range of formats and wrappers. They should be simple and easy to use keeping the edit list transfer complexity hidden from the operator. The system should be able to automatically generate the high resolution finished sequences ready for review, playout, and repurposing.
In addition to the technical and integration capabilities of media asset management – MAM systems, broadcasters also need hardware, software, and support services along with unlimited storage licenses.

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