Monday, August 1, 2011

Touch Screen TV Remote (Soft Remote) adds New Capabilities and Services for Television Viewers

TV broadcasters can now provide mobile apps that allow user’s tablets and smart phones to work as a television remote control. Alan Delaney from Ericsson explained to me at the IPTV World show that soft TV remote applications improve the viewer navigation experience and allow the TV broadcaster to provide new services. It operates as a second screen that can preview content (companion device). It uses industry standard digital living network alliance (DLNA) protocol to monitor and control other
devices in the home. The user can intuitively browse through different types of media, preview content, and organize playlists. It can easily link their viewing choices and recommendations to social networks.
Unlike traditional button remotes, the smart TV remote can allow the user to see images and preview videos. This can be done on the remote without changing the content displayed on the TV. When the user finds a new selection, they can choose which device (such as a TV or PC) in the home will display their program. A soft TV remote also provides additional service differentiation and branding opportunities for the TV broadcaster. Because the TV remote connects through a data network, has two-way capability, and previews the media, the viewer can use the remote anywhere.


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