Thursday, October 13, 2011

Broadcasters Need Smart Contract Management for TV Advertising Systems

Selling and managing television advertising services is typically complex with a mixture of systems, contracts, and different types of advertising. Peter Storer from Storer TV explained to me at the NAB show that broadcasters have many new opportunities to generate advertising revenues. They can only take advantage of them if their advertising systems are smart enough to track and manage them. To do this, they need a contract and program manager system that can provide scheduling services, rights management, and financial control of their media assets
Advertising schedules are a combination of linear schedules, nonlinear schedules, and planning schedules. Broadcasters need scheduling tools that allow them to manage programs, titles, and ads in any of the scheduling formats which may occur over multiple schedules.
Advertising programs can have a complex set of shared content rights and restrictions which needs to be managed. To track programming assets, the TV advertising system should be able to gather and organize into a centralized database. Having a centralized database allows broadcast executives and managers to have immediate access to contract data, media valuation, and liability payments.
TV advertising systems must have revenue assurance capability and auditable financial records. They should have key analysis and reporting capabilities that enables daily financial controls with budgeting and forecasting capabilities.


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